Toxic Catfish

So I’m going to take It back to 2007 . One of my schoolmate decided to put me on to her brother. Me & him decided to start “dating” we talked on the phone every day and night after we had got out of school. After talking for a few days he asked me to be his girlfriend lol . Being young & not knowing what true love was silly right?, we told each other we loved each other & planned our future together. We dated for a few months & then he went ghost . One day I was lurking and found his bebo page (that’s back bebo was popular) . This dude done had a whole girlfriend & I didn’t even know it. So we lost contact with each other and I had forgot all about my “first love” but I remember the date 10-21-2007 . Let’s fast forward a little to 2014, one day I was sitting on Facebook just scrolling through and I came across my first love profile. I decided to hit him up. why you may ask? Because I lowkey wondered if It was true that when people got older they change. We started back talking again (huge mistake) ! It became very toxic in so little time . Talking to him again made me feel like a naive high school girl. PAUSE!! I forgot to mention that i never seen him in person but I was stuck on stupid at the time. We FaceTimed probably a couple of times but not that much . . I thought maybe he really “love” me but I was just another female who fell in his trap again. After February 2015 , I decided enough was enough & let go of “the toxic catfish”. I moved on from him and never turned back around.

I let that toxic catfish go . .


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