can I be honest? I had by far the worst pregnancy ever. But it made up with giving me the biggest blessing ever. I will get to that part later in the post . October 30th 2016, I had a weird feeling that something wasn’t right but I honestly thought It was just stress. But my friend told me to get a pregnancy test so I did & you won’t believe what i found out.


Yes that’s a positive pregnancy! oh did my life change that very night. I called my very bestfriend and told her the news. I decided I needed a second confirmation because I still didn’t believe it. ME PREGNANT!! The very next day after work me & my bestfriend went to the doctor and the doctor told me that I really was pregnant. But I needed a THIRD opinion because I was still in denial. I had to wait a few weeks before I could get that . I was now 8 weeks and It was time for my other proof . So as usual I went to work and then later I went to the obgyn & I got an ultrasound !

The day I got this I knew I had to protect babyari from everyone & everything. First Trimester was the toughest . I was sick all the time and barely ate anything. I stayed in the hospital a lot. But besides being sick i had baby daddy issues. I cut him off because i wasn’t in the mood for him . But i decided to inform him of his blessing.

Second Trimester

I heard a lot of people say it got easier but for me . Not So Much! I was sick again & in the hospital again. But that wasn’t the major thing I finally told my baby father that I was pregnant with his baby. If I knew what I know now , I wouldn’t never told me . We were sexually involved again , BIGGEST MISTAKE! I got sucked back in his web .

Third Trimester

I was still so sick but it got worst . I was tired, big & irritated. But we were almost at the finish line . FINALLY!! I remember like It was yesterday . May 4th I was in very bad pain and that night I went to the hospital because of the pain I stayed in the hospital until May 8th.. After leaving I was still in so much pain and wasn’t getting any better so I returned back to the hospital on May 11th I spent a day in this hospital & then I got transferred into a different hospital . I had a very high fever and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me .


On May 13th they were going to deliver Allyson but that night one of my test results came back. That evening I got prep for a different surgery. I had no idea what was going on . I got my gallbladder removed because It had burst . My liver & kidney was inflamed and infected . I don’t remember much after that I got placed on a ventilator. I didn’t even know I was in this world .

On May 14th , I gave birth to Allyson NaLani Alston at 3:48 . She was 4lb 3 oz . I still didn’t know I brought life into this world. I love her with all my heart & soul


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