Every sense I was in 5th grade, Long time right? I wanted to be a graphic designer & major in it. In 2015 I applied & got accepted into The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. Very Exciting for me !! I always wanted to attend an art school to show my talent. But there was only ONE thing . I had very little support when I decided to go there . Most people don’t think graphic designer is a real career . But do you know how much a graphic designer makes (moneybag *cardi b voice). Once school started and going to classes etc . I lost my thrive to succeed back then I couldn’t take constructive criticism at all . I compared myself to everyone around me & doubted my work ALOT. It got so bad that I wouldn’t even turn in my projects because I didn’t want any constructive criticism or to present mine compared to everyone elses . As years go by I realized that It was to help me to be more confident in my work & fix my mistakes & change what needs to be . Now that i’m a lot more confident & know how to take constructive criticism. I want to get back out there and finish my degree & start getting into my DREAM JOB .



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