Being A Mom with Depression

Moms literally do everything from the time they find out to the time they give birth. I got diagnosed with postpartum depression last year but overtime it turned into depression. I kind of noticed I had it when I spent months in the hospital after birth. You probably wonder what did you have to be depressed about? I just gave birth to probably one of the beautiful healthiest preemie ever. But at the time while I was in the hospital and she was in NICU, I hadn’t even physically seen my baby just pictures of her & got updates on her. I was too sick to even go see her. I was still in the ICU myself and had a terrible fever that I couldn’t shake. All I did was sleep & cry because I blamed myself for not keeping an update on my health and ignoring the signs when I knew something didn’t feel right. I didn’t notice until ally was like 7 months when I noticed my postpartum depression turned into depression. What did I possibly have to be stressed about? I had a job, beautiful baby & place to live. I just wasn’t happy with things & how my life was going. I was 24, I hadn’t finished college & I wasn’t motivated to do anything. I was doing a job I didn’t like anymore. I just felt like my life should’ve been going a different route. I needed to find something that made me happy and do something I love. I admit that I sweep my depression under a rug and don’t deal with It. But you can’t do that. You got to get it out! You can talk to your close friend or family anyone who will listen. Just don’t ignore the signs. If you notice the signs in someone else just check on them



  1. 10/22/2018 / 10:35 pm

    Thank you for sharing this! I tweeted you the other day that my brother and I just had this discussion recently b/c he realized to late thaf his wife was suffering from Postpartum. I actually recognized the signs when my nephew was born but she swore to everyone she was okay. I’m currently in grad school working on an MS in Clinical Mental health Counseling. This is something that I hope to one day help women overcome especially b/c of how the situation with my sister n law escalated

    • Arie Ne'Kole
      10/23/2018 / 12:10 am

      thank you for reading. some don’t realize until its too late. I realized when It was too late.

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