True Life as A Twin

On television shows and movies, they always make being twin look so cool. They get me wrong being a twin is cool. But my life as a twin is nothing like television.

Number 1, me and my twin sister looks nothing alike. We never switch places. It will be cool to switch up on people and see who knows who is who.

But being a twin does have it perks you always had someone to play with all the time, talk to & you never had to share your toys because your twin most likely got the same one. Me & my twin have two totally different personality.

We don’t like the same things or even have the same sense in clothing styles. But for the longest time we wore the exact same thing growing up. We liked it at first but then we out grew it and started our own things. Sometimes we find ourselves dressing alike on accident. Everyone always assume me & my sister are fraternal twin because we don’t look alike or favor each other in any way or form. We are identical twins, because we shared the same egg (yes, I just science on you guys).

We looked a like when we were younger and then once we got older we started getting our own face lol.But I will say this I love having a twin sister guaranteed.

We barely see eye to eye but she’s still my closest thing to blood besides little miss ally.


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