Tattoo Story

So, I have 4 tattoos total it’s not many but hey more will come soon. So, I got my very first tattoo when I was 19 & It was in November at this Tattoo Parlor called Twisted Sixes by this guy name Josh. My tattoo was of shooting stars on my left forearm because my grandpa (R.I.P) use to always tell me & my sister to reach for the stars so I got that.

My second tattoo was when I was 20 & It was in January at the same tattoo parlor but a different artist name Cecil. He went ham on this tattoo to this day everyone ask is it new. It’s of a heart with headphones and the heart is beating music it’s on my top left shoulder. This one meaning is just my love of music not like singing just listening and vibe to it.

My third tattoo was of a mermaid when I was 22. The reason behind this one was because I wanted something to replace my name is Ariel. My last but not final tattoo was when I was 24, it’s a mother & daughter with vines forming two As. i got it for my daughter a few months after she was born because i wanted a piece for her. Well those are my current tattoos. I have a few tattoos I want in the future.



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