First Time

I don’t really talk about my first time because It was awkward like really awkward. Let me tell you how It went. I was 20 years old when I met him, we going to call him 18 lol. I met him on tagged back when I thought finding someone to talk to online was easier than in person which It was to me. But that’s another story, so we talked for a few months before we met in person. After talking and never seeing each other after I turned 21 I went to hang out with him. I was at home and bored I was off work so why not just hang out with him. I don’t really know how I would describe our relationship, so I will just call It complicated. I got there his dad was home and stuff, so I knew It was just going to be chilled because I wasn’t going to do anything when his dad there & this was our first encounter I wasn’t having sex when I first meet someone in person. All we did that day was talk and kissed a little. We hung out again & we end up having sex that time. Back then I never had anyone to compare It to so then I thought It was good but awkward.

Let’s have a sidebar because my defense I didn’t know his dad was home because I didn’t see him when I came over.

Back to the story, we had sex that day and then I heard a knock on his door and I freaked the heck out. I put my clothes back on and I can’t make this stuff up. this dude opens the door with a pillow covering his junk lol. It was his dad. He closed the door and put his clothes on and went to his dad room. After a while of just sitting in his room, he comes back and say, “my dad wants to talk to you”. I’m thinking why the heck (I didn’t say heck) did he want to talk to me. His dad started asking me questions and everything which was the awkward part because like 10-15 minutes prior to you just came to your son door and I was having sex with him. After that I was ready to go because I was uncomfortable. Later that day, we had talked, and he asked was I coming over, but I told him no because I had to work, and I didn’t want to be there when his dad was there. I think I hung out with him couple more times again after than situation. The last time we hung out I got this message from this chick saying she was his girlfriend and they hung out. I don’t know how I felt about It because I’m thinking why you in messages and how you find out about me. Me being a female I confronted him because that’s what you suppose to do. He told me that she was just someone he hung out with and talked to until I got off work lol. I didn’t buy that *rolls eyes*. Make a long story short me & him stopped talking & I let her have him.


another side note that wasn’t the last time I heard or encounter that girl.


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