My First Girlfriend

I never thought I would talk about my relationship with her. I can honestly say I never thought I would feel this way about a female. Let me tell you about my partner. Her name is T she preferred that over her real name lol. She lives in Georgia and she’s 23 yrs old. She’s a Scorpio. That’s enough of about her. I met her in a groupchat & that’s when our friendship started. I never thought we would become more than just that. I always had a tiny crush on her, but I didn’t think I was her type because I wasn’t really out with my sexuality and hadn’t really registered it. Months I had finally got up the courage and hope to tell her how I felt but someone else but someone else had beat me to it. I was very happy for my friend and her new relationship. We stayed friends and I was there for her when she needed me. I’m not going to go too much into their relationship because it’s not mine to talk about. It was March and she was taking thing a little hard and I just wanted to be there for my friend. But I couldn’t forget about my feelings I had for her. She said something about not having anyone special anymore. I sent her a bitmoji saying “Let me Love you”. I know you all probably thinking dang you moved in that fast but trust me it was a long process to get where we got. I will honestly say that everything we went through to get where we are being worth it. We finally made it official on March 20th, 2018 after everyone saying that she shouldn’t rush into things with me. Everything was perfect, and I had caught strong feelings for her. I will say that I love her. I will admit we had a few hiccups like most relationship do but the feeling was genuine and real. After being together for a month we saw each other in person. It was April 27th, I was nervous as ever because It was our first-time meeting and my first time with a female too. Those couple of days were simply amazing once my nerves went out the window & I got more comfortable. We didn’t really go out or anything except once to go to the store and get food. We mostly stayed in the hotel room and watched movies and stuff. I’m going to say we had the perfect relationship because we didn’t. We had disagreement we had situations where we would go hours without talking. It was our three-month anniversary and I wanted to see her and spend time with her. We planned for her to come here. It was June 22 when she came here. I was so excited to see her because It hadn’t been 2 months since I see her. That weekend is when she gave me a few gifts. She got me a wallet, wall decor with the letter A & a promise ring. I loved my gifts and her. Sadly, once July came in we went through a rough patch my depression took over and caused a lot of problems between us. We argued, and we had taken a break. I let my anger get in the way and I had texted someone she told me not to text. We had got off break, but she had found out about me texting the person and since we had been arguing prior to. She just ended up breaking up with me, so we can work on ourselves and try to get back. It has now been a month since we been broken up. As of right now we are friends and until things get back right.




  1. September 12, 2018 / 6:39 am

    Relationships are hard work, and loving yourself is even harder sometimes. I hope you find the strength to love yourself a little harder and eventually are able to work through things with T. The first girlfriend is the toughest lesson, but you’ll get through it. Sending you love and light!

    • Arie Ne'Kole
      September 12, 2018 / 6:47 am

      thank you so much. I have faith me and her will get through this and come out stronger.

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