What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag?

I see a lot of bloggers doing a what’s in their bag? so I say why not.

I carry a High Sierra Elly Pack (I included the link to the bag) the color is Teal. It also comes with a little pouch

whats inside It ?

  • michael kors pale blue wallet- I got this wallet for myself for christmas. I absolutely love It because its my favorite color

  • headphones- these go wherever I go. they have to go with me.

  • cellphone- of course ! this goes with me every where I go.

  • lotion- Magic in the Air (bath and body work) – not pictured

  • Inside the little pouch- if I have my daughter with me I keep her a few diaper in there any other time if im just running inside a store and don’t want to take the whole bag in I just stick my phone and spare money & card in it. I will also care my feminine pads.


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