Top 10 : Favorite Movie

These are my favorite movies they aren’t in any particular order.

  1. The Notebook – I’m a sucker for a love story honestly. I can watch romantic movies all day long. But this movie really showed me that true love always finds each other.

2. Dear John–  Once again it’s in my favorite genre so of course I took a look & I absolutely loved it. why? because it just gave me so much hope with my long distance relationship. It also showed me communication is key

3.The Vow– this movie is just beautiful! because he did everything to help her remember their relationship and the love they have. It’s just an amazing love story and It was based off a real couple.

4. Made of Honor– this is considered a romantic comedy. I watched this one day at moms she had all the good dvds lol . I didn’t think I would but it was so sweet and beautiful still

5. A little bit of Heaven– Omgg this movie made me cry. it’s just a beautiful movie. It just makes you cherish life and the people in It.

6. Cars – It’s the kid in me lol . it’s a fun movie to watch.

7. The Little Mermaid– i’m going to be that person and say I love this movie because the main character has my name ( Ariel). But it’s an overall good movie

8. Logan – my old friend really turn me on to science fiction & plus I always had a love for X-man. I seen the previews of this movie and had to check it out. I would highly recommend this one if you into dramatic science fiction and learning the history of  X-man

9. Deadpool – I knew nothing of deadpool until I seen the movie and like I said I never been into science fiction movie until a few years ago. But this movie is hilarious. I love it.

10. Mulan – this movie showed me as a little girl you can do whatever you put your mind to.


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