Female vs Male : Arie’s Pov

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As you learned in my previous post “My first Girlfriend” (if not click the link to check it out). I’ve dated both male and female. Even though I only dated one female.  She’s my first serious relationship because most of the guys I thought I was dating I really wasn’t. Females communication is 1000 times better than Males (sometimes). But you know how we can get too.  Some Males think with their winkie and thinks that It will fix the problem *roll eyes*. Honestly I feel like dating a female is much easier and I can feel like I can open up more to a female because they actually listen and don’t ignore it. I will say that i’ve met a lot of guys that have taught me alot of things and made me realize that I deserve much more than they gave me or even offered. Dating a female has taught me that all the things that I asked my male partner for wasn’t too much and I wasn’t being annoying. Male or Female every relationship teach you different things and you can learn something from all of them. Just because they ended doesn’t mean you can’t take anything from it. 


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