Blogtober : 7 lessons I learned this year

  1. I learned that someone can take but so much of being betrayed before they reach their breaking point 

  2. Be True to yourself. I don’t think I really been true to myself until I meant my ex

  3. Being friends with someone to fix your relationship is okay. It helps you find the love again.

  4. Your mental health is more important! they will judge you regardless of what you do

  5. Not everyone is going to understand why you feel a way about certain things but you are entitled to feel a way about something 

  6. Friends come and go . 

  7. Always stay true to yourself. It means don’t let everyone change who you are because it doesn’t fit their lifestyle.



  1. Megan
    10/07/2018 / 5:05 pm

    These are great lessons to have taken from this year, and hopefully ones that will continue to help you thrive and prosper <3

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