Blogtober: A day in life of Me

I’m probably the most basic 25 years old in history and I’m okay with that.  But my day starts with my 16 month old waking me up with kisses and her climbing on top of me. She finally gets me up with a slap on the face lol. That’s my cue to wake up. I get up and we head to the living room where she says her good mornings and she gets her breakfast.

We head back to our room, so we can watch Doc McStuffin. Then she acts wild for a few hours. She normally turns down around 1:00 pm for her nap. While she naps, I work on my online class work and I work on prewriting some blog post. She wakes up from her nap around 2:00. We play with some of her toys and practice our numbers.

Around 7 o’clock we eat dinner. I been trying to make her bedtime at 9:00 but It doesn’t usually work that way. We go to the room to turn down. But in her mind that means let’s party. So, I do turn on doc mcstuffin until she falls asleep. By 11 o’clock she sounds to sleep. While she sleeps until Mr. sandman comes. I just find different things online and think of different blog posts. I don’t fall asleep until probably like 2 in the morning.

 As you can see my day pretty much revolves around my daughter Allyson and her daily routine.

What does your day look like? What does It consist of? Let me know in the comment. 


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