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Why I started blogging? 


I have been blogging for about 2 months now. I never really had a set reason why I started blogging. As time goes by I finally have a reason why I started. I started blogging mainly because I just wanted to share my life, thoughts & views on different topics and subjects. I honestly feel like blogging really helped me be creative & be more confident in things I do. 


Where I started blogging? 


When I first started blogging in July, I was blogging from wix as you may have read in my back in business post. Long story short I took the suggestion of my subscribers and viewers and then I switched to square space, so far I love it. It’s very easy and convenient to work. I don’t have any complaints thus far. 


Domain Name? Why? 


I choose this name mainly because It was simple and would be solely on me and my thoughts. I seen a girl name on Instagram whose name was accordingto_. I was thinking oohhh that’s cute. I thought about saying accordingtoariel, but It didn’t stick like accordingtoarie. I also thought of astoldbyarie. I still like that name maybe once I get this blogging thing mastered I will start a new blog solely on my personal lifestyle and relationship. 


I’m going to wrap this up. Here’s my reason for my blogging. What’s some of your reason for blogging? How did your blog name come in place?


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