Blogtober: Autumn Essentials

Blogtober: Autumn Essentials

I will be doing my must need for the Autumn.

Oversized Sweater

I absolutely love oversize sweaters and cardigans. Especially since you don’t know if it will be warm or cold. You can wear this on top of a t-shirt and when it warms up during the day you can take it off.


It’s not really an autumn essential because I prefer to wear them all season long lol


I love a cute pair of boots. I always wear uggs. I also have a pair of combat boots.


I love apples !! especially to make an apple pie. I love apple pie with ice cream.

Smell Goods:

A new smell i’m trying this fall is Champagne Apple & Honey Fragrance Mist. It seems so sweet and its not too strong It has a very soft scent. They blend together perfectly

Let me know of your autumn essentials in the comments!


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