Toddler Thursday

As you have read in my about me & pregnancy story etc. . I have a 1 year old (16 months). This post will be about her and her likes and dislikes.

My daughter name is Allyson NaLani. Her Middle name means heaven in Hawaiian or serenity (calm) of the heavens. This name matches perfectly because I had a tough pregnancy. Her nickname is Ally, NookNook & Allybear.

 I will describe her personality as a sour patch. because like the commercial says first their sour than their sweet. That describes her perfectly because first she’s sweet and then she’s sour.

 Let me tell you ally can eat eat. She eats everything we eat like eggs, chopped up chicken, apple sauce, and baby yogurt also. Ally doesn’t like mashed potatoes at all anymore

Her favorite tv show is Doc McStuffin, Paw Patrol, a Netflix series called Spirit and Mia & Me.

 She hasn’t gotten the hang of walking by herself yet. She’s like her mom because I didn’t start walking until I was 16 months also. So, she will be getting the hang of it soon. she is considered a little delayed because she’s premature so she’s really 14 months in age.

I’m going to wrap this post up. This is just a little information about my little one. Leave comments about your little ones

She also approves this post.


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