Our day at the Fair

Our day at the Fair



On Tuesday me, my daughter & mom went to the state fair. Which is exciting because we didn’t get to go last year with everything that went on. We were pretty excited to take Allyson. 

We got there super early and beat all the lines and crowd. My mom played games and won ally two stuffed animals (pink dog & yellow dog). Unfortunately ally couldn’t get on any rides because she isn’t quite tall enough yet. 

Lol she ate good. We ate an all beef hot with chili and   crinkle cut fries. I wanted to try the krispy kreme bacon burger. We might go on sunday and just eat it.

Personally I think the fair has down size since I was younger but it might been because I was shorter and younger. I overall enjoyed myself and I think ally did too.

Below is some of the photos i took at the state fair. 



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