Postpartum Say what?

Postpartum Say what?

Do we really talk about postpartum? I know I didn’t. As you read in my previous post I had postpartum depression that turned to depression.

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It wasn’t until later I realize that I had postpartum alopecia. My hair and my edges started falling out. I thought it was the medication I was taking at the time.

September 2017, my hair got so bad it was coming out in chunks. I decided to go to my hair stylist to do a treatment but my hair was already to gone to treat. My stylist tried to save my hair. I sat in that chair and for the SECOND time I had to decide if I wanted to cut it all off.  

I did just that!

Their wasn’t any saving my hair so why try to hold on to something that will grow back. 

I want to end this post. Postpartum anything is REAL don’t ignore it. 

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