Movie Review- Sinister Surrogate

Movie Review- Sinister Surrogate


On Sunday, me & my family was watching this movie on Lifetime called The Sinister Surrogate. 

It was an interesting but confusing movie at the same time. It starts off with a Lady giving birth but baby is a stillborn. She kidnaps another baby. 

This is when the movie got confusing it moves on to the later time when a couple is interested in getting a surrogate to carry their baby. 

The couple finds one and she carries their baby & have it. DUH! 


you mean to tell me that after just meeting only one person and not seeing any other candidates you went with the first one. That should’ve been a red flag automatically. 

The surrogate becomes obsessed with the baby and always wanted to be around her. Weirdo

She stalks the couple and just does all this crazy stuff to take the baby. 

I personally feel like the movie didn’t make any sense to me because the movie was on for 2 hours and we still didn’t know what the baby kidnapping had to do with anything. 

What had me hot was that the last 5 minutes is when all the jumbled up pieces came together and when we found out the significance of the beginning. 

yeah I get you gotta keep the viewers wanting to watch until the end. Overall it took a long time to get to the back story and reasoning 

have you seen this? let me know if you have in the comments. 



  1. Tren
    10/24/2018 / 5:01 pm

    I use to love watching lifetime. These are the type of movies I enjoy watching.

    • Arie Ne'Kole
      10/24/2018 / 5:21 pm

      we normally do but once it got to the end we was like what about the beginning 😂

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