Places I’ve Visited

This post will be about some of the places I’ve visited in my life. I haven’t been many places or out of state


I traveled here back when I was in high school. me, my mom & sister alway go to the battle of the bands. We always leave on Friday after school and then we got on the road. The event is on Saturday and always after the event we go to Chilis. It was always a trip we did. 


It was 2013, It wasn’t a leisure trip we went to my Aunt Emma’s Funeral. My uncle, grandpa & sister went on this trip. It was a new state and city for me to travel to.  


I was in this organization called the Gleaners (It was for girls between the ages 8-18). We always had this convention in the Summer. We had talent shows, meeting, and party. I always looked forward to going to this convention.


I’m always going there because one of my friends lived there and it’s just a fun and adventurous city to go to. I always wanted to move there in the future. 

Myrtle Beach 

I absolutely love the beach! This is my go to beach and place to visit in the spring time. I hope to travel there sometime next year for a getaway. We always go to South of Myrtle Beach. 

These are just a few places I have been and enjoyed going to.  If you been to any of these places let me know your experience.

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  1. Tren
    10/26/2018 / 5:29 pm

    I enjoy traveling as well. A few years ago, we (my family) and I decided to experience new places. We were always visiting East coast, and every part of Florida you can name. We stepped out of our comfort one and began visiting central and western coast. Our children def enjoy the cultural experiences.

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