Father’s Love

Father’s Love


Father’s Love is the purest love !

As a little girl around first love is suppose to be our father but in some cases it doesn’t turn out like that. Our father is suppose to teach us how we are properly suppose to be loved. 

I grew up without my father in my life but I was honored to have my uncle and grandpa be that father figure.  My grandpa treated us like little angels. He always taught us if a man doesn’t treat you like he did, he wasn’t the one for me.  

But It was still something missing. Even though my grandpa and uncle stepped up. It’s still not the same as a father love. Deep down I always ask myself why didn’t my father love me enough to be a father. I use to blame myself for something I didn’t have any control of. I don’t have daddy issues because I never cared for him that much. Sometime a few years ago I had a moment when I did.


Having a young daughter now and her not having a father figure. That’s going to show her the love I got from my uncle and grandpa. I started when she was  younger explaining to her that her dad loved her but he just didn’t know how to properly love her.  She will learn like I did she wasn’t the blame. 

I’m going to end this by saying a father’s love is the purest love and it’s amazing when you have that. 

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