2019 Goals.


I’m doing my goals for the year. I don’t really have any really big goals for 2019, but I do have a few.

Goals for the Blog

  • I would like to work with at least 3 brands before the year end.
  • Collaborate with 4 bloggers
  • 30 new subscribers 
  • 1k views on my blog 

Goals for my yt channel

  • Be more consistent with my channel
  • Have 150 subscribers 
  • Get Vlog camera 

Goals for myself 

  • Complete another thing off my 30 before 30
  • Take a trip 
  • Practice self care more
  • Make plans to move in 2020
  • Love myself more 
  • Date More 

This year is all about my content creation and self love. I want to focus more on myself and being a better creator. The numbers don’t really matter to me but It would be nice to see those. 

Don’t try to make impossible goals for 2019 because you want to be able to achieve them.

I got a planner to help be better organized and keep track of everything.

I just want to thank everyone who supported my blog when I first started and when I got in my runt. 

2019 planner

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