It’s been quite a rocky start. When I first started blogging, it because I was in a bad place mentally. I had just gone through a break up and lost some amazing friends in the process. I started with the name AccordingtoArie because everything on my blog was according to my perspective on things. I wanted something to scream Arie and for everyone to see thing from my point of view and thoughts. If you haven’t noticed I made some changes to the blog. ArieNekole comes from my first name and middle name which will help me make it more focus on me.  When i started blogging in july, i was a personal blogger but i felt limit to just one particular topic so i decided to become a lifestyle blogger because It expands more horizon and opportunities and more topics to speak on. 

According to Arie

I love this name and I will be keeping the name as part of my blog as a series or something. I just feel it’s time to make my blog exactly what i want it to be and not feel like I need to get someone approval anymore. During my blog break I been looking more into zodiac astrology and I been working on wanting to talk more about them (let me know in the comments if you want to know about or if you would be interested in reading that). if you have any topic you would like me to talk about comment that also. 

What’s new? 

Some of the things that are new on my blog is my logo and my layout.  Also I made a name change too . You are now on Arie Nekole. I changed my name because I wanted my blog to be exactly what I choose and to be about me and my perspective. What’s a new name without a new logo. Not much changed from the original except the name of course . I really wanted something to say ME. I think this new look will. 

What changed?

As I mentioned above that I will be thinking of adding a  series. It hasn’t been finalized yet. I still have my youtube channel. I will be back active on there too. On my channel you can expect more vlogs, some challenges & a mini series for my visual subscribers. I’m still waiting on some kinks with that too.  Other than that I haven’t made any drastic changes. 

if you haven’t followed me on social media you can follow me @arienekole on instagram and twitter.

let me know in the comments if I should do the series on the blog or my channel or a little bit of both. 

also check out my new video intro


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