About Me

Alright so i’m back with another blog post . I just wanted to do another about me blog so you can know more about me. 

The Basic

Some may already know me but for those who don’t My name is Ariel but I go by Arie. Born and raised in North Carolina. I am 26 years old. My two year old daughter name is Allyson. 


I am a lesbian which means I’m attracted to women and not men . I came out some time last year as just bisexual because society makes you feel like have to just because you been with a man . But that topic is for another blog post . I am a lifestyle blogger as you know  & I do a little youtube on the side too. A few weeks ago I decided to go back to school to be a Medical Assistant and then become a sonographer. I still want to do some graphic design on the side but right now my main focus is finishing my program and to be able to provide for my little family.  

Goals I accomplished 

  • Going Self Host
  • Getting Accepted into my program 
  • Starting my channel 
  • Finding my self confidence and self love . 

Why I started blogging 

I started blogging the end of july after me and my ex girlfriend broke up. It was a tough time because I had not only lost my girlfriend I had lost my best friends because of an argument that could’ve been avoided. I was also not working so i couldn’t do for myself or my child . I slumped into depression and anxiety. So I channeled my emotions into blogging and It helped a lot . That’s when I found my true self and then learned self love and to be confident in myself more. I thought my blog was suppose to be like everyone else but it’s not it’s suppose to be something I was proud of . I can finally say that I got my blog to be something that I love and cherish. 

These are just a few things about Arie that not many people knew and for my new viewers to know about me .  

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