Bucket List Take Two

when i first wrote my bucket list post, i had only 10 things I wanted to do in my life but I started thinking of some other ideas and was like that would be super exciting. 

Here I am adding more to my bucket list that I didn’t add before : 

  • Skiing 
  • Jet Skiing 
  • Climb a mountain 
  • Learn three more languages 
  • Finish my Degree 
  • Build my own house from the foundation 
  • Have a well known blog and youtube channel 
  • Learn to swim 
  • Face my fear of heights . 
  • Go Camping 
  • Visit the largest Art Museum 
  • Visit the largest aquarium 

These are just a few things that I want to cross off my bucket list through the rest of my life and stuff . 

comment below what is on your bucket list and what have you crossed off your list thus far. 

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