The Imperfect Love : Part 1

I feel like I don’t talk about it anymore and I honestly don’t think about it as often as I use. I never even really told the story of how I met my ex and how we got to where we are now. So let me tell you the imperfect love story :

The Friendship 

We weren’t like the average love story you see in the movies. We started off as best friends nothing more nothing less. A lot that caught my attention but it was one thing that stood out to me. It was her ability to change my whole entire mood when i was sad or upset.  It wasn’t until my first rejection that made me realize that maybe she’s the girl for me and I should go after her but i didn’t because someone beat me to it. They didn’t last long but I still didn’t say anything because I was unsure of my feelings for her and she was going through break up.

The Relationship 

It was March of 2018, I decided to lay my feelings out on the table and tell her how I felt about her. I expressed how I felt and that I wanted to be the girl that love her the way she deserved to be love. 

Things started off kinda bad the first couple of days. Because she felt that we were rushing but she didn’t know I been trying to be hers before her ex. I told her that and that’s when she understood. Our date was 03/20, at the time that was the best day of my life asides from the day my daughter was born.

We were still taking thing slow so we wouldn’t rush into anything and just enjoying each other. We were happy at that time. 

One Month 

Our month anniversary had came around. we decided we should meet up and see if things were still going to be the same in person. It was the week of our first of many meet ups when things turned sour. We had a medium size argument. That caused me to say some things I shouldn’t have said because I was angry. I told one of her friends that I wasn’t her girlfriend anymore. Because she wasn’t answering my calls or text.  my ex had finally texted me and said she sold her ticket and she wasn’t coming here anymore . I was even more pissed. Later on she told me she was joking and we made up lol.

I don’t remember the exact dates of our meet up. She got there Friday afternoon but i was at work when she arrived. She had already checked into the room. I went there after work for a little to drop her snacks and something to drink off. I got her favorite candy and drink. Came back a few hours later and she was napping. But i woke her up lol. We watched movies and cuddled. I’m not going to go too far into details but that night was amazing (if you catch my drift). 

imperfect love
I don’t have anymore pictures of us. Just this so it will do

Our first month was rocky but we got through it. I’m going to end it here. I will be breaking this blog into three parts. This is part one and I will be doing part two later on next week . 

you will see that we don’t have the perfect love story. It’s very much imperfect to be honest . stay tune for more of it

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  1. July 18, 2019 / 6:04 pm

    It sounds like an interesting love story. I can’t wait to read the next part.

    • July 18, 2019 / 6:09 pm

      thank you 😊. It was very interesting

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