Twin Flame

Twin Flame

i’m back on my blog with another post. I’m here to tell you how I met my twin flame and soulmate. I know you thinking like what the heck is a twin flame but i’m here to tell you about it in this post. 

It was Late 2018, I met her in this groupchat . Her name is Alexis but she goes by Lexie. She lives in California. We started texting and talking on the phone after we played this game in a chat. She shot her shot at me wanting to get to know me and see where It goes. We talked for a few weeks but I was still stuck on stupid (that’s what we will call it). I told her that I had a crush on someone else.  Let’s say that things went bad and we stopped talking all together. 

Then, in July 2019, she followed me on Twitter and I noticed that she followed me and didn’t say anything. I then messaged her and asked her why she followed me. She went on and said that she missed me and she wanted us to start talking again. So, she gave me her number. 

New Relationship

 We started back up like we never fell off or even had an argument. On July 25th, Alexis asked me to be her girlfriend. I waited a couple of days before I gave her an answer. I was kind of nervous because I wasn’t sure she really wanted to be with me. She gave me reassurance that helped ease my mind and made me feel sure. We have now been together one month going on two. 

I was scrolling through twitter when I seen someone ask what’s the difference between a twin flame and soulmate. One girl shared this picture that broke down twin flame and soulmate in two categories.

Learning the difference in the two

Before I just  considered her my soulmate because I only knew of that one. I started searching on twitter and reading people’s take on it. There was a girl who said that she thinks twin flames are in the same zodiac but me and my girlfriend aren’t. There was this one girl take on twin flames that really stood out to me. 

“twin flame is basically means you have the same “soul” but it’s split between two ppl. you’re meant to help each other through life bc you’ve experience similar trials, and understand each other deeper than soulmates can. also twin flame doesn’t have to be romantic.” @precioussimonee 

After reading her opinion on it . Me and Alexis have the same soul. We definitely have a soul tie in some way that we can’t really describe right now. There are certain conversations and I sit like did I say that aloud but in reality she was the first one to say it. 

We have a deeper connection that we couldn’t really figure out until recently. I definitely feel she is my twin flame more than my soulmate but she is definitely both. 

do you think you met your twin flame? what’s your thought and take on twin flame? 
twin flame