Sister Sign: Taurus and Scorpio

taurus and scorpio

I decided to do another sister sign couple. The sister sign mentioned today is Taurus and Scorpio. But, You get that from the title lol. I will have Alexandra on the blog today talking about her point of view and her experience with her sister sign. I’m going to go ahead and let Alexandra start.

Hi I’m Alex, I’m a fairly new lifestyle blogger with a focus on self-love, personal development and body positivity. I have two dogs and they are my entire world. I will be talking about how It is with my sister sign. Arie asked me a few questions about being with my sister sign. Here is my response to them :

What are you and your significant other sign

I am a Scorpio & my boyfriend, Kris, is a Taurus.

Pros and cons of being opposite if you have noticed .

I am most definitely an introvert. Kris is a extrovert. I have always been a homebody and Kris has always had a bit of a wild side to him. I suppose our con would be that we are both very stubborn.

How you and your significant other make it work being considered opposite signs?

It’s so ironic to me that I looked this up today. After seeing Arie post because Kris and I had just had a conversation recently about how very different we are but it works. However, we both feel as though that my introverted self has made him calm down a little and enjoy the simple things in life. Whereas his extroverted personality has definitely pushed me to go after my dreams and be more adventurous.

In other words he’s honestly my best friend and I wouldnt change it for the world.

I want to thank Alexandra for being apart of my sister sign series and telling me about her experience. I also linked to her blog below :


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