A Capricorn Relationship

A Capricorn Relationship

I am back with another blog post. Today I will be having Teresa Marie speaking on her experience with her same sign. It will be about a relationship with two Capricorn.

As I said I have Teresa Marie from https://outlandishblog.com . She’s a lifestyle blogger and Fashion Enthusiast. Make sure to check out her blog.

We are going to get into her experience with her same sign relationship. 

Me and my ex are both Capricorns: he was born 10th January and I on 11th. Capricorns are practical, stubborn and ambitious, which are all traits I can clearly see in both of us. 

You’d think that communication between 2 people, who are so similar, would be straight forward, but there was always one problem: gender differences. They say that men are mentally approximately 3 years “behind” women. In my experience, I’d say that mental development for men stops at around the age of 17. In good and in bad. What this means is that many men are often very self-centric and they can’t comprehend ‘the big picture’. Add the traits of a Capricorn on that and you’ve got a challenging person in your hands. But I like a challenge! I’m not exactly easy myself.We loved discussing big issues, like politics, religion, drugs, etc. 

My ex is one of the cleverest people I have ever met, and it’s no surprise he’s always run multiple successful businesses at once. But he found it really difficult to accept that someone would disagree with him, or see things from a different perspective. It might have been annoying and frustrating, but I used to be exactly like that myself as a teenager. So, I was always patient. He’s behaviour could get really childish and offensive if I confronted or challenged him on any claim he was making, but he was the love of my life, so I was patient and tried to explain to him, it’s okay that we don’t all always agree. 

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, it wasn’t Capricorn traits that brought our relationship to an end, although I believe that had he been any ‘mellower’ sign, it maybe wouldn’t have needed to end. He had serious anxiety, but didn’t see any reason to treat it. When his anxiety peaked he started blaming me for cheating and all sorts of things that weren’t true. Eventually it all turned to verbal abuse. Still I stayed, because I knew it was the anxiety speaking, not him.

And here’s the stubbornness of a Capricorn: I don’t think I would’ve ever given up on him, I saw, and still see, so much good in him underneath the anxiety. So, he left me. That doesn’t mean, though, that I wouldn’t still hope he finds a way around all the mental issues and realizes what he lost. Stubborn and ambitious all the way. 

Pros of dating a Capricorn:

– I’m a challenging person, and so is he. I need that, because I get bored with men easily

– he’s so similar to me, that it’s easy for me to understand him and his behaviour

– he’s ambitious! I need an ambitious man in my life.

Cons of dating a Capricorn

– we’re both so stubborn, that sometimes we hit a rock wall and keep hitting our heads against it instead of climbing over it

– we both find it near-impossible to apologize when one of us screws up

– ambition can easily go ahead of everything else, and we neglect the relationship for the sake of our careers. 

I will like to give a big thank you to Teresa Marie for being on the blog talking about her experience with her same sign . 



  1. Lorna
    09/29/2019 / 7:12 pm

    I am a Pisces, my son’s father is a Capricorn. Man, I love him. Although I too experienced his anxiety that would turn into personal insults and attacks.

    I would love to keep loving him. Although I can’t allow my son to accept emotional abuse as his normal.

    From my experience too capricorns express love with financial support and gifts.

    • 09/29/2019 / 7:16 pm

      I completely understand that! you always gotta do what’s best for you and your son .

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