Welcome to Blogtober

Welcome to blogtober!!

It’s the most wonderful time of year again. Today is the First of October . That means you will be getting 31 days of fall related blog post. I attempted blogtober last year. But I did 27 out of 31 which is pretty good. Since it was my first blogtober and my first few months of even blogging. Therefore i’m putting my best effort to succeed this year and do my best.

My schedule

I will be posting every day at 12:00 o’clock in October. 

What to expect?

 You will be getting fall related , lifestyles & question and answer post this whole month. If you have any fall tags make sure to let me know I will gladly participate in it with you guys. 

Most importantly make sure you have fun doing it. Don’t get caught up just trying to meet the goal. Do what you can !

Also let me know if you doing blogtober in the comments. 

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